Green Institute Of Techonology


  • PHP is a widely used programming language which works on the principal of server side scripting to produce dynamic Web pages. It can be easily integrated with HTML and SQL to produce these dynamic web pages, and is often used to process the contents of a Web page form as it is more secure and reliable than JavaScript

Course Details

  • Why use PHP and MySQL?Overview of SQL
  • Installing Apache,PHP and MySQL on your computer! Learn how to create your own WEB-SITE using PHP and MYSQL.
  • Setting up a PHP page,Learning basic syntax. Echoing HTML output to the browser,The importance of comments.
  • You will learn how PHP can be combined with MySQL to create a very powerful online database engine.


  • The duration of the Course is 04 month
  • Classes – 5 days a week; 1 hour per day.


  • Matric, O-Levels & above.
    Seats Available: We enrol a maximum of 20 students in one class, so hurry, limited seats available on the next course.

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fees: Rs/- 1000 One Time
  • Registration Fees: Rs/- 1250 One Time
  • Monthly Fees: Rs/- 2500 per Month