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  • Shorthand typing is the writing of various or special symbols which takes a very little time to write a sentence and normal typing is writing by keyboard which takes more time as compare to shorthand typing. and shorthand typing is useful in govt sectors..
    SHORTHAND Programs:Straight downstrokes, Curved strokes, Horizontal strokes, First-place vowels, Third-place Vowels, S-Circle

Course Details

  • STRAIGHT DOWNSTROKES:Upstroke is a mechanism which helps to raise the plunger and downstroke helps to help lower the plunger.
  • CURVED STROKES:Search Results Featured snippet from the web The shortest line joining any 2 points is a straight line. If a point moves in only one direction, we get a straight lin.
  • HORIZONTAL STROKES:The horizontal stroke is a very common stroke, going horizontally from left to right. It is found in some form in nearly every Korean letter, especially the vowels.
  • FIRST-PLACE VOWELS:The first vowel in a word decides where the outline for that word will be written - above, on, or through the line.
  • THIRD-PLACE VOWELS:The first vowel in a word is a third-place vowel, the first upward or downward stroke is written through the line.
  • S-CIRCLE:The circle 's' is written inside the curves; thus safe, face, lace, sale, slow, seems, since, muscles.


  • The duration of the Course is 3/6 months
  • Classes – 06 days a week; 01 hour per day.


  • Matric, O-Levels & above.
    Seats Available: We enrol a maximum of 20 students in one class, so hurry, limited seats available on the next course.

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fees: Rs/- 1000 One Time
  • Registration Fees: Rs/- 1250 One Time
  • Monthly Fees: Rs/- 1500 per Month

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