Green Institute Of Techonology

Wordpress Development

  • Attendees begin with a sample website. All of the text, images, and other media are provided. Each training unit builds on the previous, adding new content and features to your student site. Comparing your results to the model site, and correcting and enforcing your knowledge before moving on to the next lesson assure your success in mastering the fundamental building blocks of WordPress.

Course Details

  • Installing WordPress, Updating your WordPress site tagline, Creating pages Organizing your content.
  • Structuring Your WordPress Site for Success, Linking Content Inside or Outside Your Site, Theming Your WordPress Site, Choosing Themes – The Importance of Colour.
  • Adding Functionality to Your Site, Modifying Your Theme, Introduction to plugins, Adding to Your Site’s Appearance With Widgets, Suggested Business Plugins for WordPress.


  • The duration of the Course is 02 month
  • Classes – 5 days a week; 1 hour per day.


  • Matric, O-Levels & above.
    Basic understanding of computers and Internet literacy.
    Seats Available: We enrol a maximum of 20 students in one class, so hurry, limited seats available on the next course.

Fee Structure

  • Admission Fees: Rs/- 1000 One Time
  • Registration Fees: Rs/- 1250 One Time
  • Monthly Fees: Rs/- 2000 per Month